Laura Margaret Ramsey (American, she/her) is a Toronto-based scholar, imaging specialist and artist. Ramsey is known for her use of data visualisation & sonification to explore the natural world, imaging processes and computational awareness. Her work is heavily influenced by the structure of the archive, the preservation of obsolete technology, and the algorithmic approaches in data management.

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*Presented 2021, Bio Summit, hosted by MIT Media Lab

For this project, I assume the dual role of witness and analyst, by compiling a dataset that lies hidden from the human experience. I translated natural processes within the forest ecosystem into a multilayered set of information points to present an alternate map of the effects of insect herbivory on plants. Through data visualisation and sonification, the viewer can experience the echo effect of herbivory.

For this particular project I place the human in the position of witness to the relational complexities of non-human participants.

As an educator, I am interested in the importance and effectiveness of different comprehension strategies. Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information. In the context of this artistic endeavour, the sonifications are audio representations of a plot of visual data points which may be used to improve accessibility or a general interest in the data. In this case specifically, examples of insect and mollusc herbivory