Laura Margaret Ramsey (American, she/her) is a Toronto-based scholar, imaging specialist and artist. Ramsey is known for her use of data visualisation & sonification to explore the natural world, imaging processes and computational awareness. Her work is heavily influenced by the structure of the archive, the preservation of obsolete technology, and the algorithmic approaches in data management.

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GROUND / 2020

Published in 2021 issue of SciArt Magazine

I collected various species of flora growing from cracks in the city sidewalks, and through capacitive coupling, recorded the unique violet coronal discharge produced. The process that captures this movement of energy is known as electrography. The specimen is placed between a ground plate, and a transparent discharge plate. A high voltage current is momentarily applied creating small arcs of plasma at the points of contact. These long exposures measure the unique patterns of the electrified air, highlighting characteristics in the plant topography, or root systems. Electrography helps to visually isolate these charismatic organisms, prompting the viewer to consider our own relationship with plants, and the shared desire, with electricity; to find ground.